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So you need a new driveway?

At Ultimate Paving we are able to offer you a large variety of driveway surfaces! We have substantial experiance in all aspects of driveway contruction.

Were able to advise on planning laws that affect your new driveway and actively integrate SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) into all our projects from the design stage.



we use plaspave blocks manufactured by the plasmore group in most of our block paving projects, this is due to the significant quality in there products that we have yet to have any problems with!

Gravel driveways


Gravel driveways are an alternative to hard block surfaces usually used when the area is too expensive to install block surface.

Often for security reasons in secluded areas due to the noise generated while been walked on.

Theres an aweful lot of differant gravel option to choose from and we can happily provide various samples to choose from!

A hardcore base is recommended under a gravel driveway.

Driveway construction,


There are many companies out there that will take advantage and not install a proper/fit for purpose, sub base.
Ultimate paving are not one of these companies! we excavate the area to a minimum of 300mm and install a 200mm compacted hardcore base as standard!​
If the ground is softer than usual we will excavate further and add more hardcore!
Our drives never ever move!
We also offer a drive maintenance package where we come out and jetwash then resand your drive to keep it looking brand new! it is an investment afterall!
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